Market demand for professional business and advisory services - Singapore, ASEAN region and China

A key driver of regional growth will come from the rise of e-commerce and the digital economy. Businesses that want to seize the opportunities can move faster and more securely by using not only internal know-how, but independent specialist business and advisory services from consultants and experts outside their organisations.

Market demand for professional business and advisory services

This report and research is supported by the SAC (Singapore Accountancy Commission) and highlights the most demanded professional services by corporates in Singapore, the ASEAN region and China. It provides advice on how consultancies, including SMPs, can enhance their service delivery, by taking into account their clients' preferences in the format of delivery and billing options; and their clients' frank assessments of their services to-date. It also provides feedback to businesses on areas where other businesses, including their competitors, are leveraging on external advice to give them a competitive edge.