Tap into the vibrant ACCA network

ACCA runs many events throughout the year, often with a sector-specific focus. Attending not only gives you new insights into business, accountancy and technology developments, but also links you up with fellow professionals with shared interests and concerns. Group discussions can also help you solve common problems. Find out what’s on through contacting your local office. ACCA staff enjoy speaking to members and will help you any way they can.

You can make even more use of the network by participating in ACCA’s Mentoring Programme - a global initiative designed to help members build new skills, insights and confidence with the support of a fellow ACCA professional. Whatever your career stage, a mentor could give you the extra support you need to move up to the next level, or simply perform more effectively. And if you are an experienced individual and keen to help others, why not become a mentor yourself? Mentoring is a key way to give something back, while gaining the personal satisfaction of helping another individual at an earlier stage in their career journey.

Make the most of Professional Insights to plan for tomorrow

ACCA’s Professional Insights team conducts research in order to answer today’s questions and prepare professional accountants for tomorrow’s challenges. They address current and emerging topics affecting the global economic landscape in which accountants in the profession and business operate, sharing their findings through reports, events, presentations and videos.

Check online for the latest insights and outputs - and share them across your organisation. Anecdotal evidence indicates colleagues are impressed when they realise the wealth of resources available to you.

Turn CPD to your advantage by increasing your personal value-add

Continuing Professional Development is designed to help you keep improving your skills and capabilities and adding increased value to your organisation. Even better, your developmental activities needn’t be expensive or conducted in a formal setting: look out for all the free material, not only the Professional Insights reports accessible online, but also magazine articles and ACCA webinars held regularly on topics of interest. If you prefer face-to-face training and support, that’s available too.

Recruit the talent you need - or even find your next perfect role

As an ACCA member, you are entitled every year to 10 free postings on the ACCA Careers jobs website - the world’s largest accountancy and finance jobs board in the world. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity yourself, you may well find your perfect next step. Having the ACCA or FCCA designation marks you out as a highly qualified professional and research shows that ACCA membership is highly respected by employers.

The ACCA Careers web pages also contain practical information and webinars to help you build your career, from how to write a powerful CV and a winning covering letter, to how to plan your return to work after a career break. The advice on offer covers a range of situations and needs, designed to help you land your ideal job and build a successful career.

Remember you are not alone - make the most of ACCA’s support

ACCA membership isn’t just about accessing benefits when your career is on an up-curve. As an organisation, ACCA offers support through all stages of a member’s life journey.

We have policies designed to support women on maternity leave, dependents and any members entering retirement or experiencing financial hardship. For example, the ACCA Benevolent Fund can provide support to members and their families at times of particular need, whether through ill health or other crises.