Affiliates - the next phase starts here

As an affiliate, you’ve proven you have what it takes to pass exams - now how far can you go?

Completing the ACCA exams is a fantastic achievement. You should be proud to have come this far and gained your affiliate staus. 

Rremember that to move forward to membership you need to complete your exams, the Ethics and Professional Skills Module, and the practical experience requirement. 

The Practical experience requirement

You can complete the practical experience requirement by

  • achieving 36 months' in a relevant accountancy or finance role
  • completing the required nine performance objectives or claiming the Approved Employer performance objective exemption
  • getting all of your experience signed off by your practical experience supervisor

Webinar: PER Explained - Your Roadmap to Membership

The Ethics and Professional Skills module

"The ethics module was a great way to help me to understand the ethical behaviour required of me as a professional accountant"

Daniel - Financial analyst at Comptroller NYC