Remote practical experience supervisor programme

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What is the remote practical experience supervisor programme?

Our remote practical experience supervisor programme matches affiliates who don’t have access to  a qualified practical experience supervisor at their employer with ACCA members who can review and verify their practical experience and sign off their performance objectives.

Who is this for?

We recognise that some affiliates experience difficulties meeting their practical experience requirement due to the lack of access to a qualified accountant able to sign off their performance objectives.

If you’re unable to find an ACCA member or member of another IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) body to act as your supervisor, this programme may be able to help. Your manager will still be responsible for signing off your time in a relevant role and confirming the work you’ve completed with the remote supervisor.

To understand more about the programme, and whether it could be an option for you, please read our trainee FAQs (PDF, 52KB). As your manager will also need to be involved, you should share and discuss the employer FAQs (PDF, 51KB) with them before registering for the programme.

Who are remote practical experience supervisors?

The programme will match affiliates with volunteer ACCA members. Over a series of online meetings, you’ll work together - and with your manager, they’ll confirm your experience and provide support and advice for completing the performance objectives.

Because your remote supervisor needs to make sure that your experience is a true and accurate reflection of your own work, this process will take around three months. Forming this level of relationship makes sure that you, your employer and your remote supervisor are all comfortable with your roles and responsibilities within the programme.