Additional study resources

In addition to taking face-to-face or online tuition with an Approved Learning Partner, you should use our additional study resources to aid your studies. When used alongside a course of study these will provide you with the best chance of exam success.

Approved Content 

Approved Content materials are produced by key partners and approved by ACCA.

Materials which have our Approved Content badge are study materials that have been assessed by ACCA's examining team to ensure they are of the very highest quality and offer full syllabus coverage. 

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ACCA resources

We provide a range of free resources designed for each of the exams, which alongside a course of tuition can help you prepare successfully.  These resources will help you optimise your study time and use your knowledge of the syllabus to achieve success. There are a wide range of resources available including study support guides, examining team guidance on exam technique, syllabus information, specimen and past exams, technical articles and more.

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Learning Community

Our online Learning Community is a place where you can network with other ACCA students in both a social and professional environment.  You’ll be able to discover, connect and learn with fellow students and make ‘study buddies’ to help keep you motivated and providing you opportunities for peer-to-peer learning.

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ACCA Study Hub

Following a successful pilot programme, we will be launching the ACCA Study hub globally in July 2023. The hub gives you exclusive access to ACCA study materials on web and mobile and provides extra support for your learning.

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