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  • A trusted global profession that upholds the highest standards of ethics, working in the public interest to build confidence and create the conditions for thriving sustainable economies.
  • A profession that helps organisations create, protect and report on the value they create for themselves and the impact they have on society and the planet. 
  • A profession that works to a single set of global standards, which underpin a sustainable global economy, facilitating fair international trade and lessening inequalities.   

Our call to action for policy makers to

  • Strengthen and grow the accountancy profession so organisations have access to the trusted expertise they need to deliver sustainable economic value.
  • Adopt policies and regulations that drive sustainable business practices, promoting ethical, and responsible decision making that delivers value and supports the transition to Net Zero.
  • Adopt and implement global standards to drive accountability and trust in national economies, attracting investment and facilitating international trade. 
  • Ensure SMEs/SMPs, representing 90% of business and 50% employment worldwide, are reflected in economic policies to drive innovation and entrepreneurship that contributes to sustainable economic growth. 

How we can work together

We bring a global perspective to national challenges by:

  • sharing our knowledge and expertise to inform and shape the development of national accountancy professions that support sustainable economies
  • advising on the development and implementation of policies, standards and regulations that drive sustainable and ethical business practices, a strong public sector and facilitate international trade
  • through our connections into the SME/SMP community, providing the practical insights to inform the design of policies that ensure this sector thrives
  • providing access to a global community of qualified accountants who are continuously developing, so organisations have access to the skills they need.