Why train with ACCA?

Companies all over the world choose ACCA to develop their team into strategic, forward-thinking professional accountants that add real value to their business.

When your trainees are forward-thinking, your business is too


Your organisation is only as good as your people. That's why companies all over the world choose ACCA to build a team of future-ready, globally relevant finance professionals who're trained to think strategically and have what it takes to move your business forward.

Because when your team thinks ahead - your business does too.


Find out why Grant Thornton Ireland train their team with ACCA


‘In contrast to some of the other accountancy qualifications, the ACCA Qualification is broad and covers all aspects of accountancy. That’s why I think it’ll provide a solid foundation for my career. ACCA is the most globally-recognised accountancy body so I’m confident I will be able to take my skills anywhere I want to.’

Faruk Saliu, Finance Associate, Sainsburys, United Kingdom

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