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Accountancy is essential to all sectors and industries and offers unlimited roles. How will you benefit from joining one of the world's most versatile and rewarding professions?

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Interested in AI and technology? Fascinated by food? Driven by sustainability? Passionate about publishing? The global demand for accountancy professionals spans every sector and industry from cars to cosmetics, hotels to healthcare and retail to restaurants. Join one of only a handful of professions that let you steer your career towards whatever interests you most. Use this page to learn more about opportunities within some key sectors.  


What would you like to do first? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And what is your ultimate ambition? An accountancy qualification gives you a vast range of roles to choose from at every stage of your career. This page provides insight into some of the opportunities available, but bear in mind that you can take your career anywhere. You can also learn about key roles by reading our student and member success stories.

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Leading a finance team, working in a specialist finance role and working in another country are the top three career achievements of ACCA members.

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I chose ACCA because I'm someone who enjoys variety in everything I do. I enjoy the freedom to be involved in a spectrum of different projects and roles at any one point in time.

Owen Davies ACCA

Finance Transition Manager, BAE systems

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