SunwayTES Personalised I-Classrooms


Sunway TES v2

SunwayTES Personalised I-Classroom (SPIC) offers flexible and scalable modular online learning components delivered on its eLearning Platform.

SPIC enables ACCA learning providers to select modular components to suit their needs of optimising teaching and learning resources. You can customise components to create a tailored programme to match your needs. 

Exams covered

Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams.

Is an LMS required?

No. SPIC is delivered on the Sunway TES eLearning platform.

Where is SPIC available?

SPIC is available globally.

SPIC is not currently available in China.

Key features

SPIC offers customisable components including:

  • Guided e-courses
  • Printable study guide
  • Active videos accessible via AR codes
  • Graded self-assessments
  • Live webinars
  • Online progress tests and mock exams graded by facilitators with personal feedback