FI learning solutions (FILS)



FI learning solutions (FILS) is looking to shape the future of online learning, bringing digital intelligence to both students and educators. Providing bespoke Learning Management Systems to training providers, means you can manage not only your own business but also your students.

Whilst FILS are on hand to train and guide your team, managing your own LMS allows you to create a supportive and enriching learning experience for your students, as well as gather and analyse your own data to monitor progress and trends.

Students learn by following a structured online course created from award-winning content including pre-recorded online lectures, course notes, questions banks and an integrated CBE platform.

Exams covered

Entire ACCA syllabus.

Is an LMS required?

FILS will provide you with your own branded LMS, which has been pre-populated with course materials from a Platinum Learning Provider. There is the option to integrate the LMS with your existing online setup, meaning students will only require one log-in.

Where is FILS available?

FILS is available worldwide except for the UK.

Key features

  • FILS will provide you with a client-branded LMS, allowing you to build your training capacity.
  • The ability to manage your own LMS to improve the digital literacy and upskill both your facility and your students.
  • The LMS will be pre-populated with your choice of course content, which has been provided by an award-winning training provider, allowing you to concentrate on student support. This includes our full courses for new students as well as exam preparation courses for students that are resitting or need that extra bit of practice.
  • Professional students can learn at a time and place that suits their busy lifestyle.
  • Courses have a modular design with shorter, more concise video lessons making it easier for students to retain the knowledge they have learned.
  • The LMS has been integrated with a CBE mock exam platform that allows students to experience and practice computer-based exams before sitting for the real thing.
  • Monitor your own students and track their progress through the courses in real time, using previous learning data to improve pass rates and progression.
  • Our LMS can fit with your existing online setup, with users only requiring one log-in.