The development of the CRL pathway and our decision to fully withdraw from probate regulation at the end of 2021 have inevitably put ACCA on a course to cancel its designation as an approved regulator for the reserved legal activity of probate (non-contentious).

On 22 October 2021 we applied to the Legal Services Board (LSB) to commence the de-designation process. The Application and Appendices 1 to 6, including the Notice of Cancellation, is available in the related downloads section of this page. 

The LSB published its final Decision Notice on 19 May 2022, approving the revocation of ACCA’s regulatory arrangements for probate.

The Legal Activities Regulations 2018 that were previously set out in Appendix 4 of Annex 1 of the Global Practising Regulations were removed, effective 1 July 2022. From this date, all regulatory arrangements for non-contentious probate activities in England and Wales were withdrawn and the regulations ceased to apply.

The LSB Board sent a letter to the Lord Chancellor on 27 July 2022 recommending ACCA's formal de-designation as an approved regulator under the Legal Services Act 2007.

The Legal Services Act 2007 (Approved Regulator) Order 2024 was made on 8 February 2024 and came into force on 29 February 2024, cancelling ACCA's designation as an approved regulator.