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Are you an existing Approved Learning Partner (ALP)?

As a Gold or Platinum Approved Learning Partner, you can enjoy our range of resources and tailored support. In this section, you will find details of our monitoring processes and the benefits you are entitled to as a member of the Approved Learning Partners programme. For more information on benefits, visit our Marketing support section.

Our Approved Learning Partners demonstrate that they meet challenging performance targets, representing global best practice in the provision of ACCA course tuition and support. Once ALP status has been awarded, we monitor Approved Learning Partners through the following processes:

Annual Renewal


The approval period runs from 1 April to 31 March annually. We will contact you in January to invite you to renew your approval. You will be required to send us your completed renewal form, supporting documentation and payment. Fees are as follows:   

  • £650 for Gold ALPs
  • £750 for Platinum ALPs 
  • Multisite discounts may apply for ALPs with more than 10 centres

All amounts quoted are exclusive of sales taxes, if any.

Monitoring Visits


Monitoring visits are normally conducted once every three years, or more frequently where deemed beneficial or necessary.

In a monitoring visit, you will be required to demonstrate that all relevant performance targets continue to be met. The visits also provide the opportunity to focus on the support that we can provide you in order for students to have the best chance of succeeding in their exams, and identify areas for potential development. 

Results Analysis


We operate a results analysis service which allows you, as an Approved Learning Partner, to find out how your students are performing against global pass rates at each exam session. The subject breakdown within the report provides valuable insight, enabling you to pinpoint areas for future improvement and development.

To maintain Platinum Approved Learning Partner status, or for a Gold Approved Learning Partner to become eligible to apply for Platinum status, you must consistently meet Platinum pass rate targets.

To maintain Gold Approved Learning Partners status, you must consistently meet Gold pass rate targets.

Visit our Results Service section for more information

We ask our students to complete an online survey to find out more about their experience with their learning provider(s) at least once a year.  Students are asked to comment on several aspects of their tuition, including:

  • tutor performance
  • study environment
  • administration
  • course content
  • delivery. 

This feedback allows us to understand and verify the quality of student and learning support the learning providers offer and is used to ensure learning providers meet ACCA quality standards. It may also be used to determine the priority of a monitoring visit, and any concerns it raises may be discussed during the visit.


More detailed information on the Approved Learning Partner programme and its benefits, processes and regulations is given in our ALP Handbook. This document is provided to existing Approved Learning Partners during the renewal process annually or can be provided to Approved Learning Partners upon request to

Last updated: 19 Mar 2018