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How does the ACCA Qualification work?


The exams are divided into two levels – Fundamentals and Professional.

The Fundamentals introduce you to both financial and management accounting techniques and cover the main technical areas that all accountants are expected to master.

At the Professional level you build on that knowledge and explore advanced skills and techniques.

Fundamentals level

The Fundamentals exams are divided into two modules: Knowledge and Skills.

Fundamentals Knowledge

  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting 

Fundamentals Skills

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law
  • F5 Performance Management
  • F6 Taxation
  • F7 Financial Reporting
  • F8 Audit and Assurance
  • F9 Financial Management

Professional level

The Professional level is divided into two modules; Essentials and Options. 

You must complete all three Essentials exams and choose two of the Options.

Professional Essentials

  • P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
  • P2 Corporate Reporting
  • P3 Business Analysis

Professional Options (two to be completed)

  • P4 Advanced Financial Management
  • P5 Advanced Performance Management
  • P6 Advanced Taxation
  • P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Further information about the Options exams is available:

Additional requirements


To qualify as an ACCA member you must complete 36 months’ relevant work experience and achieve 9 performance objectives. The performance objectives link to the exams so that what you learn relates directly to the workplace. Your time in a relevant role and performance objectives need to be signed off by your practical experience supervisor.


ACCA members are not just good accountants, but also accountants that are good. That is why ethics is at the heart of the ACCA Qualification, embedded in the exams, experience and through the completion of an online ethics and professional skills module.

Professional level redesign

The qualification is changing in September 2018. Find out what ACCA Qualification - the future will look like

Last updated: 31 Oct 2017