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Effective speak-up arrangements for whistle-blowers - 10 May 2016

Recommendations for developing, operating and overseeing effective speak-up arrangements.

Culture and channelling corporate behaviour - 16 December 2015

This series of four reports aims to assist boards in preparing to assess their corporate culture and in understanding how it can influence either functional or dysfunctional behaviour.

European Commission proposal for a revised shareholder rights directive - 03 February 2015

This paper outlines ACCA’s key messages on shareholders rights in Europe and how they fit into the wider governance agenda.

Risk reporting - 16 December 2014

This report examines how the quality and value of risk reporting can be improved. It reviews current practice in risk reporting, the barriers to better risk reporting, the wishes of users, and the concerns of preparers.

Culture vs regulation: what is needed to improve ethics in finance? - 10 December 2014

This paper examines the respective roles of the regulator and of culture in increasing ethical behaviour in finance, and the need to address dysfunctional finance market and behaviour.

Balancing rules and flexibility - 19 November 2014

A joint KPMG and ACCA report of a study of corporate governance requirements across 25 markets.

Video presentations

Culture and channelling corporate behaviour - 30 April 2015

Pauline Schu introduces findings from a one-year global study into corporate culture and the drivers of organisational behaviour.

Governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies - 19 November 2014

As part of ESRC’s seminar series on governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies, ACCA hosted a conference on 19 November 2014.

Governance, family and small firms: an institutional context - 19 November 2014

Professor Mike Wright gave his presentation as part of the ESRC’s seminar series on governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies.

Governance in the public sector - 29 September 2014

In this video presentation, Gillian Fawcett, head of public sector, reflects on the role of ‘good governance’ in public services.

Governance, risk and performance conference 2014: voting results and resources - 04 July 2014

ACCA's March 2014 conference looked at four areas: creating value through governance, risk reporting, corporate culture and behaviour and accounting for uncertainty.

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