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ACCA and the Enterprise Research Centre - 13 August 2014

ACCA is proud to sit on the ERC’s Stakeholder Advisory Board, chaired by Lucy Armstrong, alongside some of the UK’s leading business associations.

Building the finance function in growing businesses - 04 August 2014

This discussion paper presents views and recommendations on how to build the finance function to support growth in SMEs.

ACCA research into e-invoicing adoption - 02 June 2014

ACCA's research reviews the extent and the drivers of e-invoicing adoption among UK SMEs.

ACCA's four inputs framework - 30 April 2014

ACCA produces research and thought leadership on a wide range of diverse topics, from micro-finance to the capital markets.

SMEs, financial reporting and trade credit: an international study - 01 August 2013

ACCA research report 133, by J. Collis and R. Jarvis.

Environmental aspects of sustainability, SMEs and the role of the accountant - 23 July 2012

ACCA research report 128, by J. Spence, G. Agyemang and L. Rinaldi.

SMEs and their advisers: measuring trust and confidence - 01 May 2012

ACCA research report 127, by E. Schizas, R. Jarvis and N. Daskalakis.

ACCA video briefings...

ACCA alternative finance conference 2014 - 18 June 2014

In this video ACCA senior economic analyst Manos Schizas welcomes delegates to the 2nd ACCA Alternative Finance Conference.

IFRS for SMEs, video presentation - 27 May 2014

On this video Richard Martin and Paul Cooper discuss the changes which are being proposed by the IASB and ACCA’s views on those proposals.

Bribery and what it means for business, video presentation - 27 May 2014

In this video, John Burbidge-King, the CEO of the consultancy Interchange, discusses how dedicated risk-management systems can help businesses to protect themselves against bribery risk.

Zombie companies: just a bad dream? - 19 November 2013

Q3 of 2013 saw the first signs of a recovery in the UK, and with it a debate about the existence and prospects of so-called ‘zombie’ companies.

In safe hands: the future of financial services - 18 June 2013

Gill Ringland from SAMI Consulting discusses the findings of a scenario analysis project carried out by her firm and the Long Finance Forum of Futurists (L3F).

AB magazine: small business special edition

A small business special edition of ACCA's Accounting and Business magazine.

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ACCA's global forum

The forum provides a unique platform for promoting the role of SMEs in the global economy. Representing over 15 countries and a wide range of professional backgrounds – from finance institutions, academics and professional advisers to entrepreneurs themselves – the forum represents the sector’s needs at a global level and facilitates the sharing of best practice.

SME global forum



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