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Culture and channelling corporate behaviour - 30 April 2015

Pauline Schu introduces findings from a one-year global study into corporate culture and the drivers of organisational behaviour.

Governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies - 19 November 2014

As part of ESRC’s seminar series on governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies, ACCA hosted a conference on 19 November 2014.

Governance in the public sector - 29 September 2014

In this video presentation, Gillian Fawcett, head of public sector, reflects on the role of ‘good governance’ in public services.

Governance, risk and performance conference 2014: voting results and resources - 04 July 2014

ACCA's March 2014 conference looked at four areas: creating value through governance, risk reporting, corporate culture and behaviour and accounting for uncertainty.

Discussing creating value through governance - 07 March 2014

In two videos the authors introduce ACCA's consultation paper Creating Value Through Governance – Towards a New Accountability: A Consultation.

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From the November 2014 issue of AB magazine - 30 November 2014

Selected articles include: corporate culture and social responsibility, what next for retailing giant Tesco, and revising the OECD's principles of corporate governance.

Creating value through governance – towards a new accountability: a consultation - 10 February 2014

This consultation paper forms part of ACCA’s investigation into whether existing governance and risk management frameworks are ‘fit for purpose’. The consultation period closed 31 August 2014.

Corporate governance and risk: a study of board structure and process - 07 August 2012

ACCA research report 129, by T. Nulty, C. Florackis and P. Ormrod.

Confidence accounting: a proposal - 04 July 2012

A consultation to discuss the problem of uncertainty inherent in many of the values in a set of accounts.

Risk and reward: shared perspectives - 08 April 2011

This paper contains a number of individual perspectives on the theme of risk: material, ethical and behavioural.

Risk and reward: tempering the pursuit of profit - 11 June 2010

This report discusses how the rewards a company seeks may be supported by sensible management of the risks that confront it.

Corporate governance and the credit crunch - 06 November 2008

This paper sets out ACCA's thoughts and recommendations relating to the credit crunch.

Corporate governance and risk management agenda - 06 November 2008

This paper sets out the principles and aims that guide ACCA's work on governance and risk management issues.

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