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Consolidated government accounts - 02 July 2015

Whole of Government accounts are critical to government transparency. In this report, ACCA examines how widely they are used.

Sustainable healthcare systems: an international study - 03 February 2015

This report reveals how well the existing healthcare systems in 11 countries are coping with the challenges of changing demographics and technological and economic change.

Work of the Communities and Local Government Committee - 23 January 2015

Written evidence from ACCA for the Communities and Local Government Select Committee’s Inquiry.

Smart budgeting: integrating financial and strategic planning for outcomes - 08 December 2014

This report from the New Local Government Network (NLGN) in association with the ACCA and Mazars recommends radical changes to the way local government approaches the budgeting process.

Updating the PEFA performance measurement framework - 30 October 2014

Comments from ACCA to the PEFA Secretariat.

ACCA public sector conferences

The ACCA international public sector conference 2014 - 04 December 2014

Video presentations from the 2014 conference explore the theme 'putting finance into politics'.

The ACCA international public sector conference 2013 - 05 December 2013

Video presentations from the ACCA international public sector conference 2013 explore the theme of 'financial reporting for an open world'.

Public sector conference 2017

Next year's ACCA global public sector conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, 14-15 February 2017. The conference will focus on our latest research into the drivers of change within the sector and the skills professional accountants will need to meet the challenges they bring.

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Are you ready for IPSAS?

ACCA 's Certificate in IPSAS has been specifically developed for public sector organisations to train their staff so they can be prepared for the introduction of IPSAS.

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