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Smart budgeting: integrating financial and strategic planning for outcomes - 08 December 2014

This report from the New Local Government Network (NLGN) in association with the ACCA and Mazars recommends radical changes to the way local government approaches the budgeting process.

Updating the PEFA performance measurement framework - 30 October 2014

Comments from ACCA to the PEFA Secretariat.

Regulation of auditors of local public bodies - 16 October 2014

Comments from ACCA to the Financial Reporting Council .

Simplifying and streamlining statutory annual report and accounts - 03 October 2014

Comments from ACCA to HM Treasury.

Breaking out: public audit’s new role in a post-crash world (an English perspective) - 03 July 2014

This paper summarises an ACCA roundtable in Westminster in April 2014, discussing audit and accountability.

How e-business transforms public sector services in the UK - 29 January 2014

The report examines how the delivery of public services has been transformed by e-business and examines the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of both central government departments and local councils.

Strategic financial leadership in the UK public sector in a time of financial austerity - 21 October 2013

Prowle, et al. How are finance managers in public services coping with the demands placed on them and how can they demonstrate improved value by providing more effective strategic financial leadership.

Setting high professional standards for public services around the world - 01 February 2013

This paper sets out ACCA’s policy positions on a range of themes for public services for members, employers and a wide range of external stakeholders with an interest in public services.

Taking stock of PPP and PFI around the world - 08 March 2012

ACCA research report 126, by G. Winch, M. Onishi and S. Schmidt.

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Governance in the public sector - 29 September 2014

In this video presentation, Gillian Fawcett, head of public sector, reflects on the role of ‘good governance’ in public services.

The Financial Reporting Supply Chain in Asia - 16 June 2014

Article by Brian Blood on the inaugural Financial Reporting for Economic Development Forum staged by the Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA).

Key issues and challenges facing an international financial professional - 04 March 2014

Kevin Ross from Infrastructure UK presented on `Key Issues and Challenges Facing an International Financial Professional`.

The public sector is an important sector for ACCA and our ambition is for ACCA to be a major global source of thought leadership in the sector.
—Gillian Fawcett, head of public sector, ACCA

Are you ready for IPSAS?

In response to the increasing adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), the new online ACCA Certificate in IPSAS has been specifically developed for public sector organisations to train their staff so they can be prepared for the introduction of IPSAS.

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International public sector conference 2014

ACCA’s annual international public sector conference took place on 4 December 2014. This year’s theme was ‘putting finance into politics’. Presentations from the speakers will be available from the archive soon.

2014 programme

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