Preparing for exams

Effective preparation is critical to exam success and planning your studies and revision will help you achieve the results you've worked hard for.

How do you want to learn? 

One of your first decisions is probably around your tuition and study options. There are two questions to ask yourself before you start studying the ACCA Qualification. How do you like to study? And, most importantly, what’s going to give you the best chance of passing?

We strongly recommend studying with one of our Approved Learning Partners, who are expertly trained to maximise exam success. Whether you choose online learning or classroom based is up to you. 

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The exams 

Our on-demand computer-based exams (CBE) are available at any time. Our paper and session CBE exams are available at four exam sessions each year, in March, June, September and December. You’re more likely to meet your goals if you plan a realistic exam schedule.

Find out more about the available exam methods.

And find our more about the transition to session CBE for our Strategic Professional exams.

Set out your study schedule

Once you’ve scheduled your exams, it helps if you plan all your study time too. Your study schedule will depend on a number of factors including how many exams you're taking, your work commitments, whether you're in full time or part time study as well as your other life commitments. 

You should plan time for the following study phases: 

PlanMake a realistic plan and consider when you are best able to study – maybe early mornings work better for you or perhaps shorter, more frequent study periods. Consider building in a period of time to review and consolidate your learning.
LearnGain the knowledge you need and learn how to apply that knowledge in an exam. Studying with an Approved Learning Partner significantly increases your chances of exam success.
ReviseEnsure you are confident with the knowledge needed to pass the exam. Exam-standard question practice is vital now. Attempt at least one mock exam in as close to exam conditions as you can.
Final prepBecome clear on the knowledge you need to pass the exam as well as how to apply that knowledge. Work on the skills you need to pass the exam – e.g. time management. 

We've developed a new interactive study planning tool that allows you to visualise the next year of your exam journey. Find out more about ACCA Compass.

Look out for exam countdown emails

Once you've booked an exam, you'll start to receive a series of learning support emails. These weekly, tailored emails will signpost the core support resources and activities that you shoud be completing each week as you count down to exam day. 

ACCA have developed a wide range of resources to support your study. We recommend using these resources in conjunction with online or face to face tuition from an Approved Learning Partner, to maximise your chances of exam success.

Preparing for exam day

Once you’re ready to sit the exam, read the exam guidelines to make sure you know what to expect.

What to do after exam results 

Whether you’ve passed or not been as successful as you hoped, it’s time to stop, think and reflect on your next steps after results.