ACCA Apprenticeships in Scotland: Pledge for Potential

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ACCA Scotland have launched the ACCApprenticeships: Pledge for Potential in which we’re asking employers, parents, schools, colleges and training providers to pledge their support of apprenticeships as an alternative entry route for all into the accountancy profession.

The Pledge for Potential demonstrates a commitment to apprenticeships and supports young people looking to join the profession as well as those looking to upskill for a new career or change of direction.

Apprenticeships offer an exciting opportunity for both employers and apprentices. For an apprentice it is an opportunity to get hands-on training and the chance to put their skills into practice. For employers offering an apprenticeship is an effective way to grow talent, and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. According to 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation.

Show your support and commitment to apprenticeships by participating in ACCApprenticeships: Pledge for Potential and pledge to actively promote and endorse apprenticeships as an alternative entry route into the profession.  

Who can take part?

This campaign is open to all those with an interest in apprenticeships including employers, schools/colleges, parents and training providers.

Why take part?

The Pledge for Potential is an opportunity to shine a light on apprenticeships and the benefits vocational training routes can offer to entry-level talent, employers and the economy.

It’s your chance to showcase the difference apprenticeships have made within your organisation or institution. In particular it is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to apprenticeships and how you’re supporting young professionals and helping them reach their potential.

An opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the UNSDGs

If you are making a pledge on behalf of an organisation who has made commitments to the UNSDGs, this is a great way to demonstrate the action you are taking towards these commitments.  For example:

  • UNSDG 4 is to: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
  • UNSDG 8 is to: promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full productive employment and decent work for all.

So, if your pledge aligns to this you could consider using #UNSDG4 or #UNSDG8 when sharing on your social channels.

How to take part

If you would like to take part in the ACCA Scotland: Pledge for Potential then there’s just a few steps:

  1. Review the list of pledge ideas/suggestions below. 
  2. Develop your own pledge.
  3. Record a short video outlining your pledge incorporating ‘ACCA Pledge for Potential into your opening line, such as: “My name is [NAME] and I am [JOB TITLE] at [ORG NAME] and I/we are supporting the ACCA Pledge for Potential.”
  4. Share your video with us by emailing it to:
  5. During Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2022 share your pledge video on your social channels. Make sure to tag ACCA Scotland: on Instagram: (@ACCAScotland) and Twitter: (@ACCAScotland) so we can see and share your posts.
  6. Follow us on Instagram: (@ACCAScotland) and Twitter: (@ACCAScotland) to stay up to date and join the conversation.

How will the pledge video be used?

Your pledge video will be shared on ACCA Scotland social media channels and support a campaign that will include a finale video compilation of all the videos submitted that will be shared on You Tube, Instagram and other relevant channels as well as an article write up on the campaign.

Pledge ideas/suggestions

To help you develop your own pledges download the the list of suggestions we have put together. 

"As an employer, the chance to train a member of staff through a full accountancy qualification while they gain valuable work experience was a no brainer. We benefit from their learning and development, at no additional cost, and they clearly benefit too. I would encourage any employer across any sector to do this, and embrace the opportunities for involving other staff and managers in the tasks and projects the Graduate Apprentice will do - everyone can benefit."

David Nicolls - BNP Associates