ACCA authorisation for non-contentious probate work will cease on 31 December 2021 and all existing ACCA probate practitioners will be required to choose one of the following three Options:

(1)     Authorisation by CRL as a CILEX-ACCA Probate Entity or a CILEx Authorised Entity

(2)     Authorisation by another approved regulator

(3)     Cease carrying out probate activities.

Individuals and firms authorised for probate by ACCA are invited to apply to CRL for probate authorisation via a dedicated CRL online portal:

CILEX Regulation ACCA-Probate Regulation - for practitioners and firms ACCA-Probate Regulation - Guidance for individuals and firms

Further information on the new route for ACCA-Probate Regulation is provided on the CRL website, including eligibility and application guidance and support. Please read the guidance before accessing the application via MyCRL, in particular the section on ‘How the online application process works’. The closing date for online applications is 30 November 2021.

We strongly recommend that ACCA probate practitioners choose the CRL pathway as this will enable them to continue to offer probate as an ancillary activity to their accountancy work under a similar regulatory framework to that currently offered by ACCA. They will also benefit from access to a range of support services, including CPD. In developing the pathway, we have sought to minimise any additional requirements and make the transfer process as straightforward as possible.

Nevertheless, ACCA probate practitioners have the opportunity to make their own decision as to their future regulator. There is no requirement for ACCA probate practitioners to choose CRL and, should they wish to continue to offer probate services, they may apply for probate regulation with other legal service regulators.

ACCA probate practitioners must take action and ensure they are appropriately authorised to undertake probate activities when their current authorisation with ACCA ends on 31 December 2021, or cease undertaking probate activities.

Any ACCA member who continues to carry out probate activities, unregulated, after 31 December 2021 will be in breach of ACCA’s Bye-laws, regulations and Code of Ethics and Conduct (or for a non-ACCA member, the regulations of their professional accountancy body) and will be subject to regulatory and disciplinary enforcement action for undertaking activities without holding the necessary authority.