A group of four colleagues in an outdoor meeting

  • A profession that is representative of wider society, that actively drives inclusion, diversity and social mobility by being open to all and providing access to education and upskilling opportunities.
  • A profession that brings the relevant, forward-thinking business and finance skills needed to address challenges, maximise opportunities and drive innovation and change. 
  • And a profession that acts for the public good, builds societal trust and confidence, by placing ethics and professionalism at the heart of education programmes and as a condition of ongoing professional membership.  

Our call to action for policy makers

  • Adopt fair and inclusive education policies enabling anyone to develop the skills vital to sustainable economies, including professional qualifications in finance and accountancy.
  • Create access to funding and vocational routes to ensure a quality education in finance and accountancy is available to all, free from artificial barriers.
  • Champion the employment and development of finance and accountancy professionals across all sectors to deliver thriving, ethical and sustainable businesses and economies. 

How we can work together

We bring a global perspective to national challenges by:

  • advising on fair and inclusive educational policies, funding models and vocational routes
  • providing market-leading expertise on the finance and accounting capabilities and qualifications required of a skilled workforce
  • sharing our experience of successful initiatives that have bridged national skills gaps relating to finance and accountancy
  • drawing on our global community to facilitate connections that contribute to driving forward national skill agendas.