Every year, there are countless success stories from those who use the prestige and expertise that comes with ACCA membership to work in their dream roles, anywhere in the world. Own your world - with ACCA.

This is your journey to ACCA membership

As an ACCA affiliate, your future holds a great deal of promise: 95% of employers in a recent worldwide survey stated that the ACCA qualification was one they respected and admired.  ACCA members can earn significantly higher salaries than ACCA affiliates and they also enjoy the flexibility of being able to work anywhere in the world.  Alongside these unparalleled benefits, there’s the sense of achievement you feel every time you see the ACCA letters next to your name too.

To become an ACCA member, you’ll need to complete:

  • the Practical Experience Requirement (PER)
  • the Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM). 

How you go about this is very much up to you, however we are there for you every step of the way to support you throughout your journey to membership. There’s considerable flexibility and you can complete PER and EPSM at a time that suits you. But be aware that the longer you have ACCA membership on your CV, the more attractive you are to the world’s leading employers.

Skills webinars to help you to re-energise your career

Want to refresh your skills and enhance your employability? We’ve got four recorded on-demand sessions especially designed for affiliates, covering everything from CV writing to interview tips. It’s a great opportunity to hear from industry experts on how to boost your career journey. Register now and re-energise your career.

Completing your journey to ACCA membership

The steps you need to take to own your world. And why they needn’t be giant ones.

  • Achieve 36 months of experience in a relevant accounting or finance role.
  • Find a qualified accountant and/or a member of an IFAC body to be your practical experience supervisor 
  • Achieve nine performance objectives (all five of the Essential and four of the Technical objectives).
  • Record your progress online with MyExperience
  • Complete the Ethics and Professional Skills Module. It shows potential employers that you understand current ethical and professional behaviour and can apply it to the real world.

Explore the ACCA career navigator - for the journey ahead

If you want to know more about PER then listen to our on-demand affiliate webinar

This webinar was recorded in August 2023 and covered a summary of what PER is and what you have to do to complete it. We also give tips on recording and writing your statements as well as answering a number your PER related questions.