Content providers

ACCA's content programmes

The overarching objective of ACCA’s content approval programmes is to ensure the widest possible access to quality learning materials for ACCA students.

ACCA has two approved content programmes:

  • Approved Content Provider
  • Recognised Content Provider

Approved Content Provider programme

This programme covers the provision of learning materials of the ACCA, Foundations and DipIFR qualifications. These are approved and quality assured by ACCA.

Approval is granted on the basis of a number of criteria including quality of the materials, support offered to students, and the ability of providers to ensure materials are available across a number of markets. All materials are assessed by ACCA's examining team to ensure they are of the very highest quality.

Recognised Content Provider programme

This is a new programme which covers ACCA variant exams and qualifications other than the main ACCA, Foundations and DipIFR qualifications.

Given the market-specific nature of these exams and qualifications, the approval criteria are different to those that apply to the programme covering ACCA’s global qualifications and exams, but all materials recognised under this programme are assessed by ACCA’s examining team to ensure they are of the very highest quality.

Note that ACCA’s Approved Content Providers listed above may also provide learning materials for variant exams and other qualifications but these are approved under the terms of the Approved Content Programme.

If you are interested in writing content for variant materials, or for further information contact