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Benefits of the programme

Whether you are considering becoming a mentor or a mentee, there are many benefits to joining the programme: 

  • Connect with members and future members across ACCA’s global network
  • Achieve personal and development goals
  • Gain valuable insights and fresh perspectives 
  • Build confidence and enhance skills
  • Support a culture of inclusion

”A great opportunity to be able to communicate and share experience and knowledge with other members worldwide” - Amir Alzahari Mohamed, ACCA Member, Malaysia

Here's what some of our members have shared about their own experience of the programme.  


As well as transforming the way finance professionals work, digital technology is reshaping our relationships. It’s never been more important – or as easy – to build meaningful connections online.

Our streamlined site supports your progress throughout the mentoring journey, from the application process to setting mentoring goals. You'll also find resources that help you plan for a successful relationship. 

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