Kaplan Digital Extra



Kaplan's Digital Extra can help you convert your existing traditional classroom provision to a sophisticated blended learning approach. 

Benefitting from our expertise in producing award-winning digital solutions for ACCA courses, Digital extra allows learning partners the opportunity to purchase modules from Kaplan’s award-winning OnDemand course to enhance your ACCA courses. 

With Digital Extra you can create your own blended, flexible study options for your students using bite size, tutor-led video lectures and activities to link topics together and embed key concepts, all structured around Kaplan’s exam focused integrated workbooks.

Exams covered

Entire ACCA syllabus.

Is an LMS required?

No. But Kaplan offers links to the modules to embed into your own LMS, or you can access them via the MyKaplan portal. 

Where is Digital Extra available?

Digital Extra is available worldwide except for China, Ireland, Malaysia and the UK.

Key features

Digital Extra provides a high-quality online learning experience, which is so much more than a live recorded tutor session, or even a tutor narrating highlighted text book visuals. Key features include:

  • Every module and topic has been through a detailed instructional design process to optimise learning
  • Kaplan can offer you links to the modules to embed into your own LMS or you can access them via our MyKaplan portal.
  • There are questions and activities for students to complete as they progress to test their understanding of the key concepts. 
  • Every module is scripted, delivered by expert Kaplan tutors with links to the onscreen animations and graphics found within the integrated workbook.