The always-on culture is bad for productivity and health

Multiple-choice questions: In order to be awarded CPD units you must answer the following five random questions correctly. If you fail the test, please re-read the article before attempting the questions again

  1. What is mobile technology bad for, according to the latest research?

  2. What can happen to people who email while communicating in other forms as well?

  3. What kind of impact can multitasking email with a meeting or talking on the phone?

  4. Whose responsibility is it to ensure employees have a healthy relationship with mobile tech?

  5. When should you put your smartphone away?

  6. In which area has social media had a significant impact?

  7. Stress and lack of productivity aside, what other risks does social media pose?

  8. How has social media helped in hiring?

  9. What is the disadvantage of social media in recruitment?

  10. What should every company ensure they have in light of social media?