This webinar looks at how the digital ledger has been designed to be immutable. What is the secret sauce and why is it important? Our speaker will look at Blocking, Hashing and why it creates immutable records, as well as the challenges, potential threats and issues that accompany it.


Rodney Prescott

Rodney is currently a freelance advisor on Blockchain as well as digital and crypto currencies. He was until recently a Senior Manager, Banking & Capital Markets Consulting at PwC. For the last 30 years he has helped companies grow their technology teams and deliver business value.

He loves the challenges that technology gives rise to, because it brings out the opportunity for innovation and exciting solutions. His specialities include digital and crypto currencies, blockchain, robotics, agile development, digital agency, distributed teams, cloud, legacy systems and outsourced teams.

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  • Rodney Prescott

    Rodney Prescott