Social and environmental issues are becoming more challenging - from climate change and species extinction to plastic pollution and increasing inequality.

In varying ways, and impacting different regions in different ways, economies are not working to help people live well –particularly those on lower incomes.

Business and finance have an important role to play in helping to solve these problems, and finance teams are key actors in helping business to reduce risks and realign its outcomes related to social and environmental issues.

At the moment businesses are looking at their impacts related to these issues but commitment is below what governments, regulators and civil society expect. To truly contribute to solving these big and complex challenges business must upgrade its scientific literacy, commit to precise measurement and effective communication of environmental dependencies and social impacts, learn to collaborate better and to think systemically, and always remember the interconnectedness of social and environmental issues.

Speaker - Jimmy Greer

Jimmy has over a decade of experience working on business futures issues for various organisations.

He is head of sustainability, leading policy and research work on sustainable Development at ACCA. He also works on economics, and the identification of future trends deemed likely to impact on the business and profession.