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Cyber security is one of the most significant risks that an organisation faces. ACCA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s recent survey of over 1,500 members suggests that it is an issue that most accountants see as belonging to somebody else. Is this valid? What is the nature of threat? In our series of podcasts that accompany the report, Cyber and the CFO, Clive Webb, a Senior Insights Manager at ACCA and one of the report authors considers, with his guests, how the finance community needs to respond to the threat.

Part one: The cyber risk and why it matters to the finance community

This first of three podcasts features Clive’s fellow report authors, Geraldine Magarey of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Philomena Leung and Christophe Doche both of the Optus Macquarie University’s Cyber Security Hub. We explore the nature of the risk, how it is changing and why it is important for the finance community.

Part two: The business perspective

In the second podcast Michael Hughes, a Partner at Haines Watts, United Kingdom, a Director – ISACA Central UK and Non-Executive Director of the CyberQ Group considers the business perspective of the cyber risk. Mike explores why cyber risk is not just about data privacy and why the two are often confused. He considers how the connected world of the Internet of Things is changing the cyber risk profile for organisations.

Part three: The leadership perspective

In the third podcast Paul Diamond, a senior Technology & Risk Director, with significant experience and a sustained record of success in the public and private sector considers the executive level view and why cyber risk matters. He also explores the role of standards and accreditations in managing the cyber risk, especially as these relate to the supply chain.