Accountants and auditors join forces to promote profession in Uzbekistan

Two Uzbekistan professional bodies and the world’s leading accountancy body are working together to improve accountancy services for the country. 

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the Chamber of Auditors for Uzbekistan (COA) and the National Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan (NAAAU) have signed a deal to work together. 

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) promotes co-operation between the three parties, advances the interests of the members of the three bodies and promotes the accountancy and audit professions in the central Asian country. 

The MOU – which initially runs for three years – will promote international standards in accounting and auditing. 

Zhanna Iskenova, head of ACCA Central Asia, said: ‘By sharing its global experience ACCA is looking forward to supporting the COA and the NAAAU achieve their objectives of developing locally recognised national accounting and audit qualifications that meet the highest professional standards and appropriate regulatory requirements.’

The three bodies will also look at working on capacity building projects. 

Nematulla Karimov, chair, COA, said: ‘The signing of the MOU is the next stage of the integration of the Chamber of Auditors of Uzbekistan into the international community. Thanks to this MOU, we get an excellent opportunity to work in many areas for the development of the profession of accountancy and auditing in our country. At the same time, the professional community and the younger generation are also given the opportunity to confirm their qualifications at the international level. We look forward to working with ACCA and NAAAU to promote our respective qualifications in the Republic.’

ACCA, the COA and the NAAAU will work towards mutual recognition of each other’s exams in accordance with their respective exemption and accreditation policies. 

Minovar Tulakhodjaeva, chief of council at NAAAU, said: ‘The memorandum is aimed at solving one of the key areas of our joint work – the implementation of continuous professional development (CPD) initiatives, such as jointly hosting webinars and we look forward to starting those. We will also explore and create new pathways for accountants and auditors of Uzbekistan to obtain an education based on internationally recognised standards and contribute towards their career growth.’ 

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About the Chamber of Auditors for Uzbekistan (COA)

The Chamber of Auditors (CoA) is an independent public organisation of auditors, established on a voluntary basis by leading experts in the field of finance, economics and management, designed to promote the development, improvement and unification of auditing activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Chamber ensures that audit firms and auditors understand, co-operate and interact with each other. The Chamber promotes the protection of the rights and interests of its members, the co-ordination of their activities, and the improvement of the level of professional training.

About the National Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan (NAAAU)

The National Association of Accountants and Auditors of Uzbekistan (NAAAU) is a public organisation that unites certified accountants and auditors. The purpose of NAAAU is to assist in protecting the rights and promoting the interests of professional accountants and auditors by conducting educational programmes and advanced training courses, providing consulting services, with the aim to promote the status of its members at the international level.