The purpose of the Guidance is to assist the Admissions and Licensing and Appeal Committees in the exercise of its powers. It is for use by the Committee when they are considering what order to make and for ACCA certificate or licence holders so that they are aware, prior to any decision being made, of what the Committee’s range of options are and which matters the Committee members may take into account when coming to a decision.

The Regulatory Guidance is in three sections. These are entitled

  • Admissions, readmissions and bankruptcy
  • Applications for waivers of regulations and for staff admission to membership
  • Eligibility for certificates or licences and unsatisfactory outcomes to monitoring visits

Individuals and firms who have a case which is to be decided by the Admissions and Licensing Committee or the Regulatory Assessors will automatically be sent a copy of the relevant section.

Please note that the Committee or Assessor is not bound to follow the Guidance.  Each case is to be decided upon its own facts.

The Guidance will be updated periodically to reflect the decisions of the Committee and the Assessors.