Choosing the right objectives for you

Choosing and achieving performance objectives

As part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER), you will achieve performance objectives which demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed through the exams syllabuses to real-life, work activities.

You are required to achieve nine performance objectives in total, including:

  • all five Essentials objectives, and
  • any four from 17 Technical objectives.

You will demonstrate your achievement of the performance objectives to your practical experience supervisor by performing activities in the workplace to achieve the elements and writing a statement to provide examples of experience gained and work activities undertaken. 

"I'd advise affiliates to select the PER performance objectives most relevant to their job so that their Supervisors are more willing to sign off those objectives."

Thea Lowe, ACCA, CA, BSc. (Hons) - Senior Associate, Assurance Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers SRL (Barbados)

Selecting and planning performance objectives

Work with your practical experience supervisor to select and plan your objectives so that they align with your current and on-going goals at work.

There are three parts to a performance objective:

  • the description - which is a summary of the objective
  • five elements - which outline the skills and behaviours you must demonstrate to achieve the objective
  • a 200-500 word statement - where you summarise and reflect on your work activity.

To complete a performance objective you need to achieve all five elements and write a statement. These are submitted to your practical experience supervisor for approval. You can work on more than one objective at a time and can complete your objectives in any order.

Your PER progress - the achievement of the performance objectives, and time completed in a relevant role, are all recorded in MyExperience which you can access via MyACCA.