University partnerships

Attracting the brightest international students to your accountancy and finance programmes

Partnering with ACCA

We partner with select universities to create and develop finance and accountancy programmes that make them even more attractive to students all over the world.

When you partner with us, you give students a powerful reason to choose your institution. By aligning your programmes to our world-leading qualification, you make them stand out from the thousands of other degrees on the market. You strengthen your university’s status as a world-class establishment – and you play a vital role in developing the finance professionals of the future.

Why partner with us?

The higher education landscape is becoming more and more competitive. And when it comes to deciding where to study, the brightest students have a huge amount of choice. They want qualifications that will help them stand out to top employers – and lead to exciting and rewarding careers.

A partnership and programme alignment with ACCA helps you attract these students to your accountancy and finance courses. It shows them that their future careers are your priority. It gives them an accelerated route to a globally-recognised qualification – and can set them on a path towards a promising career as a finance professional.

When you partner with us, you can:

Get your students in front of potential global employers

ACCA has over 7,900 Approved Employers who can support programmes and engage with students along their learning journey. ACCA Careers is where top organisations go to find and recruit the latest accounting and finance talent. Your students can also upload their CVs onto our job site and promote their achievement badges for searching employers to find and select.

Be part of ACCA’s global partner networks

Our international partner network of universities and learning providers offers valuable connections for your institution – whether you’re looking for specific tuition support or other ways to reach potential students.