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With 65% of India’s 1.4bn population being under 35 years of age, the nation is home to the world’s largest population of Gen Z and millennials. This significant demography was well represented by 66% of our respondents from India, as we asked professionals across all sectors of the finance and accountancy industry about their work-related concerns and future aspirations.

In assessing key workplace views about well-being, technology adoption and learning needs, among others, the uniqueness of India’s population dynamics is seen to significantly shape the trends in India which differ from those in the rest of the world.

Global trends captured show a profession in workplace transition. In India, this survey currently depicts a profession rapidly evolving as it embraces the future of work. Nuanced by the dynamic priorities of a largely young population, there are five key trends in India’s accountancy and finance talent pool, which this report captures by drawing from a combination of expert views and a country-specific subset of ACCA’s global survey.


1. Well-being is a key priority

An emphasis on well-being and mental health is equally critical to both the attractiveness of the profession and the attractiveness of an organisation to finance talents in India.

2. Technology is empowering but concerns prevail

Technology continues to drive productivity, but concerns are looming about the rapid pace of advancement and its capacity to replace jobs in the industry.

3. Hybrid work opportunities are crucial

Hybrid work opportunities are no longer a luxury. Organisations will not only need to find the right type of hybrid arrangement, but also develop the managerial skills needed to maximise its benefits.

4. Empowering skills drives satisfaction

Finance talents are more than ever keen on upskilling and reskilling for realising both workplace satisfaction and professional fulfilment.

5. A more mobile profession is imminent

Mobility in the profession is on the rise and finance talents are moving in the direction of value. Work opportunities that provide more ways of adding value and being valued in return will attract and retain the best talents.