Completion deadline - 2026

The opportunity for students and members to complete the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University is available for a limited time only.

All students and members must submit all requirements for the BSc programme by May 2026. Full details of the completion deadlines, including final opportunities to submit your Research and Analysis Project (RAP), can be found below.

Completion deadlines

May 2026Final opportunity to register and submit the RAP.  Also the final opportunity for RAP resubmissions for RAPs submitted prior to May 2026.
November 2026Any individuals who fail the RAP at the May 2026 submission will have one opportunity for a resubmission in November 2026.
December 2026Closure of the BSc programme.  Anyone registered on the programme who has yet to meet the assessment criteria will no longer be able to achieve the BSc. 

What this means

For students and members currently on the programme

If you are currently working towards the BSc, there is still time for you to complete the programme. You must ensure that you complete all elements of the programme and submit your RAP by the completion deadlines.

For students and members considering starting the programme

If you fulfil the eligibility requirements you need to consider and plan now to be sure that you can complete the full programme requirements by the completion deadlines. 

  • passing all Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams, including Financially Reporting (FR), Audit and Assurance (AA) and Financial Management (FM) exams,
  • completing the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills module,
  • submitting the RAP.

View further information on how the BSc is assessed

For students and members who have completed the programme

The closure of the programme following December 2026 will have no effect on the recognition or validity of this prestigious qualification. You will continue to enjoy the reputational benefits it brings.

Other academic qualification options

We have a number of other academic and post-qualification study options which you may wish to consider. This includes the Oxford Brookes MBA which is not impacted by this change.

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If you have any further questions relating to the closure of the BSc programme, please visit Oxford Brookes University's FAQs document.