CBE Practice Platform FAQs for students

How do I access the CBE Practice Test Platform?

Please watch this video for a step by step guide to accessing the Practice Test Platform:

Which browser should I use to access the Platform?

The latest two versions of Chrome or Safari are what we recommend. You should also make sure you have sufficient internet bandwidth – a minimum of 500 kilobits per second. If you’re not sure about this, you could run an internet speed test.

Why do I get an error message when I try to access the Platform?

This is usually caused by a discrepancy between the email address you are using and the primary email address we hold for you.

The first time you access the Practice Platform, whether via your myACCA portal or the student section of the ACCA website, you’ll need to enter your email address before you’re able to log in.  

You must make sure this is the primary email address you have registered with ACCA, (the email address you use to access your myACCA account). You can check this yourself by logging into myACCA.

This could also happen if your Learning Provider has registered you on their instance using an email address that does not match what we have in the ACCA database. 

Why can’t I see the exams my Learning Provider has assigned to me?

This could be because you have signed into your ACCA instance of the Platform where you will only be able to access exams from the ACCA catalogue. If you want to access your Learning Provider(s) instance, and the exams they have assigned to you, make sure you select the Learning Provider from the options you are given when you first log on to the Platform.

How do I see the answers to the ACCA exams in the catalogue?

You must complete the exam by selecting ‘End exam’ on the Item Review Screen. Your answers will then be available to self-mark in the ‘Mark’ tab of the dashboard. Sample and Marking Guidelines will be available when self-marking. We recommend that you download these documents at this stage if you intend to review them in the future, as they are not available once your marking is complete. This can be done by clicking on the documents on screen and hitting “Ctrl P”. 

How do I use the offline functionality to sit an exam?

There are details of this within the HELP section of the Platform (which can be found by selecting the question mark on the top banner of the dashboard).

I can’t find an answer to my question here, is there any other source of information?

A lot more information and guidance is provided within the HELP section of the Platform (which can be found by selecting the question mark on the top banner of the dashboard).

Who do I contact if I have an issue with the Platform?

If you are unable to resolve your query having reviewed this FAQ, please contact us