Alternative finance - Innovation in IP: accounting for intangible assets

Part three - Martin Brassell

In this session ACCA and Nesta launched a pilot study which tested the Malaysian National Corporate Innovation Index on SMEs. The pilot has given us valuable insights into the issues faced by the sector in identifying investment and return on innovation. The project has paved the way for new thinking in the area and we will be running a UK pilot this year (due to be out in autumn 2015).

The role of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) was also explored, drawing on the importance of understanding intellectual capital and the ability to account for it.

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About the speaker

Dr Ben Reid

Martin Brassell FRSA, chief executive, Inngot

Martin is CEO of Inngot, the company he co-founded with Professor Iwan Davies to identify, manage and value intellectual property (IP) using online tools. Inngot’s innovations include the development of a comprehensive taxonomy for company-owned intangible assets, expertise which led it to assist Nesta with the establishment of the National Corporate Innovation Index for AIM in Malaysia.

Martin co-authored the Innovation, Intangibles and Integrated Reporting paper for ACCA with Dr Ben Reid of Nesta. His previous publications include the 'Banking on IP?' Report for BIS/IPO (2013), reflecting Inngot’s particular interest in supporting

SMEs with IP-backed fundraising. Martin also co-wrote the 'Penalty Fair?' analysis of copyright sanctions (IPO, 2014) and is currently co-authoring a new book on the economics of IP for Oxford University Press.

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