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Interest Rate Hedge - Collar (Referring to AFM J15 Q4)
Interest Rate Hedge - Swap (Referring to AFM J19 Q2)
Interest Rate Hedge - Future (Referring to AFM J15 Q4)
Interest Rate Hedge - Option on Future (ref. AFM J15 Q4)
Foreign Exchange Hedge - Future (ref. AFM D18 Q2)
Foreign Exchange Hedge - Option (Referring to AFM M/J16 Q1)
Merger and Acquisition_Reverse Takeover
Merger & Acquisition - Behavioural Finance Part 1
Merger & Acquisition - Behavioural Finance Part 2
Synergies: Mergers and Acquisitions

Synergies: Mergers and Acquisitions Part 2
Behavioural Finance Part 1


Mark-to-Market (referencing AFM D18 Q2)
Value at Risk of a Project or Portfolio (referencing AFM J12 Q4)
Project Financing Effects: Adjusted Present Value Approach (referencing AFM J14 Q2)
Sensitivity Analysis of a Project (ref. AFM D12 Q4)
Duration of a Project (ref. P4 J09 Q1b)
Macaulay Duration of Bond (ref. AFM D17 Q1b ii)
Transfer Pricing with Cost Plus Mark-Up (AFM Dec 2010, Q4)
Transfer Pricing with Full Cost (AFM Dec 2010, Q4)
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) of a Project (ACCA 2008 Dec Q1b)

Risk Management Part 1

Risk Management Part 2

Risk Management Part 3

Conditional Probability (ref. AFM D14 Q1cii)
Real Options (ref. AFM J06 Q4)
Put-Call Parity (ref. AFM D13 Q1bii)