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About this series

Considering your career options, or pondering over a new profession? By All Accounts... explores the amazing job opportunities that an accountancy qualification can bring you. Because when it comes to careers in finance, we know that there are some questions out there...

What do accountants actually do? Don’t you have to be really good at maths to work in finance? Isn’t it super boring and stressful, and just a lot of messing around with spreadsheets?

We’re sitting down with some real-life accountants and people who work in finance to lift the lid on some of the common myths you might have fallen for about this awesome career path. 

What to expect

From jobs in banking to breweries, and even luxury cars, we’re cracking open the core of what it’s actually like, and unpicking the wonderfully varied journeys of some ACCA students and members to their dream jobs, plus how the future of the profession may look like as a result of AI.

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