Approved Employer: BDO

We asked BDO Cyprus why they chose ACCA's Approved Employer programme and how it's benefitted them

Why did you choose to become an ACCA Approved Employer?

Our success depends on our ability to attract talent which in turn depends on our ability to provide our people with the training and opportunities to develop both within the firm but to also open the door to exciting careers in industry both in Cyprus and all over the world. The ACCA professional qualification does just that.  Being an approved employer shows prospective employees that our firm has the processes and procedures to support them in their professional development and to meet their aspirations.

How has this designation contributed to your organisation's success?

Having the designation acts in many ways as a first filter. Not having it would rule out a large part of the pool from which we are seeking to recruit our new talent.

In what ways has ACCA support helped you maintain high standards in professional development and training?

A successful firm must have quality in its DNA , in its values, people, processes and procedures. The learning and performance objectives specified by the ACCA are at the core of our training program and an integral part of our quality processes.