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Climb as high up the career ladder as you want; ACCA membership equips you with the skills and knowledge to become a complete finance professional.

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A career in accountancy offers the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and industries with excellent financial reward. Still undecided?

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What did you want to be when you were a child? Where is your favourite place in the world? Be inspired by the answers of others and think about how you’d answer these questions. ACCA: follow your dreams.



ACCA online game screenshotStill at school or recently left? Want to know if you’ve got what it takes to succeed in business? Can you beat the competition to the top of the high scores board?

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ACCA Student blog

ACCA online game screenshotWant to know what our students really think about their ACCA experience? Read views from a range of different student bloggers and get study tips on what has worked and not worked for them!

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Areas of accountancy videos

Watch the video to hear the responsesWhat different roles are available in finance? What do they involve? Hear our members talk about the area of accountancy they work in and their favourite part of their job. Discover the breadth of accounting roles available to you with ACCA membership.

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Qualifications at a glance

The ACCA Qualification

Become a chartered certified accountant and have the choice of working in any type of accountancy role with ACCA training.

Foundations in Accountancy

Start your career in accountancy and finance with our introductory range of accountancy qualifications.

A career in finance

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Deciding on what direction you want your life to take is hard. Working out how you are going to get there can be even harder. Begin your journey now.

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Where to study

If you want to study with a tuition provider, you'll need to find one in your region. Use the links beneath to check out our network of tuition providers.

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If you're thinking of a career in finance, why not give us your details so we can stay in contact while you decide? We'll send you relevant updates such as ACCA local news, study tips and careers advice.

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Start your application for the ACCA Qualification or a Foundations in Accountancy qualification online today

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Find out when ACCA exams take place and how much they cost before you study

Student Planner app

Student Planner app now available for your Android

Our free to download app will help you calculate when you might achieve membership, give you advice on passing exams, remind you of key dates relating to the exams, advice on recording experience and will show you the location of your nearest Approved Learning Partner and computer-based exam (CBE) Licensed Centre.