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Preparation is key to achieving exam success. This video shows you how and when to use our great resources helping you effectively plan your studies and your revision, so when you come to sit your exams, you should achieve the results you have worked hard for. 

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On-campus activities

ACCA actively participates in on-campus activities across Australia and New Zealand, supported by our network of campus ambassadors. Activities include attendance at careers fairs, sponsoring student associations and business-related groups and offering academic research funding. 

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Becker's free online study school

Register for Becker's free online study school for F5-F9 and P1-P7 exams. Improve your confidence with exam- specific forums, mock exam question papers with answers and tests to monitor your progress. The school is open to register now.

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Use our exam planner tool to plan and book your exams for the ACCA Qualification, Foundation Level or Diploma IFR.

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new study programs for australia & new zealand

You can now study for the ACCA qualification as part of the eligible embedded masters programs delivered by our partner universities in Australia and New Zealand.

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