ACCA supports sound corporate governance as a way of promoting long-term sustainable business success. The members of the Global Forum for Governance, Risk and Performance use their expertise to: Advise ACCA on relevant corporate governance matters; Consider the impact of corporate governance on risk management and performance and vice versa; Contribute to the relevant work of the ACCA on above matters. Forum members will do so taking into account the interest of ACCA members and ACCA’s public interest responsibility.


Mark Weardon

Mark Wearden MSc, FCCA, FCIS

Mark works with Lincoln Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. Alongside this Mark runs MBS Governance, a private strategy consultancy that he formed 21 years ago, following 12 years in Merchant Banking as an analyst, and 8 years in Industry as a finance director.

In addition to his consultancy and university work, Mark delivers public workshops, seminars and lectures for professional bodies, and ‘in-house’ programmes for other organisations.

Throughout his career, Mark has worked extensively with directors and senior managers from a wide range of different type and size of organisation, from FTSE 100 down and back again, giving him a challenging insight into the minds of the directors of corporate Britain. In addition to his other work,

Mark has run Board and Director evaluations, in line with the expectations of the UK Code. Mark currently holds two NED positions within private companies.

Mark’s areas of interest are ‘governance thinking’, ‘risk’ and ‘supply chain challenge’; in particular exploring the dichotomy that frequently exists between theory and practice.

ACCA Expert


Jo Iwasaki, Head of Corporate Governance, Professional Insights

As Head of Corporate Governance within the Professional Insights team of ACCA, Jo has published on a wide range of corporate governance topics, including governance principles, board responsibilities, and diversity.

She has lectured in front of various audiences, including directors, academics, and students.

A qualified accountant, she is trained in tax and audit. In addition to corporate governance, she also has extensive experience in auditing and assurance.

ACCA Contacts

Jo Iwasaki,
Head of Corporate Governance

Pauline Schu, 
Professional Insights Manager

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