Maths and English language support

Improve your maths and English language skills while studying for your ACCA Qualification.

You need basic proficiency in maths and English to complete the ACCA Qualification. To help you with your maths and English skills ACCA have created some self-check tests and interactive learning modules in the Student Virtual Learning Centre

To further help with your English skills we have a free tool, the BPP University English Language support for ACCA. Just select 'start your free learning units' to get started.

How this course can help you

  • Get free, flexible online support - at any time, on any device
  • Learn the English language skills you need for every stage of your ACCA journey
  • Content is tailored to support you for each ACCA Qualification exam
  • Improve your chances of success at each stage of the ACCA Qualification
  • Be more attractive to employers by learning professional business English.

Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills modules 

Find out how each module supports you with our Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams. Please note Business and Technology (BT) was previously named Accountant in Business (AB), which is the term you will find in the BPP platform. The content remains relevant.

Business and Technology (BT):

  • Writing: simple sentences
  • Writing: present tenses
  • Reading: notes from reading
  • Listening: improve your listening

Management Accounting (MA):

  • Language: numerical information
  • Language: describing trends one
  • Language: describing trends two
  • Language: probability

Financial Accounting (FA):

  • Writing: paragraphs
  • Writing: compound sentences
  • Writing: complex sentences
  • Language: learning vocabulary

Corporate and Business Law (LW):

  • Language: short definitions
  • Language: long definitions
  • Language: relative clauses (type one)
  • Language: legal vocabulary

Performance Management (PM):

  • Analysing questions
  • Relative clauses (type 2)
  • Connecting words
  • Skim and scan reading
  • Past tense
Taxation (TX)
  • Cause and effect
  • Advice and recommendation
  • Future tense
  • The vocabulary of accountancy
  • Reading for detail
Financial Reporting (FR):
  • Passive voice
  • Noun phrases
  • Using to - infinitives
  • Using -ing words
Audit and Assurance (AA):
  • Describing a process
  • Comparison and contrast
  • Summarising
  • Paraphrasing
Financial management (FM):
  • Conditionals 1
  • Paragraphs 2
  • Conditionals 2
  • Planning your writing

Strategic Professional modules

Find out how each module supports you with the Strategic Professional exams: 

Strategic Business Leader (SBL):

  • Reading strategies
  • Writing conclusions
  • Briefing papers
  • Gaining professional marks

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR):

  • Language of discussion
  • Building an argument
  • From general to specific
  • Making your writing flow
Advanced Financial Management (AFM):
  • Writing concisely
  • Prepositions one
  • Prepositions two
  • Understanding question requirements
Advanced Performance Management (APM):
  • Organising a report
  • Organising writing - problem/solution
  • Supporting an argument
  • Writing an evaluation
Advanced Taxation (ATX):
  • Vocabulary of finance
  • Structuring a letter
  • Tense review
  • Prefixes and suffixes
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA):
  • Vocabulary of audit
  • Case studies two
  • Determiners
  • Structuring a memo
  • Vocabulary of accountancy two

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