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Why accountancy

Be in demand, anywhere

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Business and economies worldwide depend on accountants to create and deliver financial strategies that lead to growth. The critical nature of accountancy means demand for quality accountants is global, perpetual and sky-high – for those with solid accountancy qualifications doors quickly open to respected, hugely rewarding career opportunities.

Although, a career in accountancy means more than limitless opportunity for career and personal success. Accountancy is critical to driving economic prosperity in developing and developed economies, and in turn improving peoples' lives worldwide.

So, want a career where you can see, do, make and give more?

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Find your starting point

Depending on the qualification you have left school with, you will either join us at Foundation or Applied Knowledge Levels.

To start studying for our Applied Knowledge exams you must be qualified to university-entrance level. If you are without the qualifications to study accountancy at university, you will start your journey with us at Foundation level.

A combination of your degree's subject, type, classification and the university you studied at will influence your starting point with ACCA.

Typically if you've studied a finance related degree at an ACCA accredited university you'll join us at the final stage of the ACCA Qualification, Strategic Professional. If you have a degree unrelated to finance you'll start studying with us at Applied Knowledge and Skills level.

If either your undergraduate or masters degree is finance related, and you studied at an ACCA accredited university, you will usually join us at the final stage of the ACCA Qualification, Strategic Professional.

If neither degree is finance related, or you studied at university we haven't accredited, you will join us at Applied Knowledge and Skills level.

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When you choose to study with ACCA, you choose a future full of possibilities.

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