Once you’ve become a member, fellowship is the next major milestone in your professional journey with ACCA.

After five-years' continuous membership and compliance with our CPD policy, you’ll earn the right to use the ‘FCCA’ designation and enjoy the additional prestige of being a Fellow.

Fellowship is a significant milestone. Achieving it demonstrates to employers and your network that you have extensive experience - and that you’ve made a long-term commitment to professionalism and ethics.

What are the requirements?

You’ll need to be an ACCA member for five consecutive years and meet our CPD requirements. This means paying your subscription and any other fees, and submitting your CPD declaration each year.

If you fail to renew your membership on time each year, you will be removed from the register of members.

If you’re removed from the register at any time, this will break the continuity of your membership. If you re-join, your journey towards becoming a fellow will restart; you’ll need to gain five consecutive years of membership from the date of re-joining to be eligible for fellowship.

How do I become a Fellow?

Members don’t need to do anything. We’ll follow your progress and confirm your FCCA status once you’ve met the requirements.

A special meeting on Council’s fellowship committee is held at the end of each month. All members who have become eligible for fellowship during that month, will be confirmed at this meeting and awarded fellowship status. 

How will I be notified?

Once the fellowship committee meeting has taken place, you’ll receive an email to confirm your new FCCA status.

You’ll also receive your fellowship certificate by post*. Please let us know if you don’t receive your certificate within eight weeks of receiving your confirmation message; there may be a charge to resend after six months have passed.

*Please note we’re currently unable to send certificates to fellows in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.