Ready to branch out and set up in practice?

Since passing your ACCA exams, you may have considered setting up your own practice as a natural progression in your career. ACCA’s qualification is designed to be flexible and this can benefit those looking to start their own practice.

Getting started

You will require a practising certificate if the work you intend to offer falls within the definition of ‘public practice’; our technical factsheet provides a useful overview.

If the services you wish to offer fall within the remit of ‘public practice’, you need to see whether you are eligible to obtain a practising certificate and if so which sort. Details of eligibility for a practising certificate can be found in the ACCA 2013 Rulebook, Section 2.2 part 6 (page 76).

You will need to demonstrate that you have obtained three years’ practical experience. The most common route is with an ACCA approved employer, but if you have not done this you can apply for a ‘waiver’. Details of the waiver can be found in the ACCA 2013 Rulebook, Section 2.2 part 7(3) (page 78), or alternatively by contacting ACCA Authorisation on 0141 534 4175.

ACCA’s Practice Information Handbook provides a number of tools and resources available to help you assess your eligibility and guide you through the process of applying for your practising certificate, such as:

  • guidance on transfer information;
  • the legal ownership of client records;
  • continuity of practice agreements;
  • internal complaints procedures; and
  • code of ethics and conduct. 

Details of the practising certificate fees and the various types of certificate are also available.