How do I obtain a US CPA?

Unfortunately, there is no quick route for ACCA members to obtain the US CPA.

In order to obtain your US CPA qualification, you will need to sit for the CPA exam and pass the four-part exam.  The CPA is administered on the state level, so to begin your journey to get the US CPA by selecting the state where you wish to be licensed. Most individuals choose to be licensed in the state in which they live. Once you select your state, contact the State Board of Accountancy for additional details on their requirements. They will advise on what coursework you will need to have taken in order to sit for the exam.

If you have been educated outside of the United States, you will need to have your education evaluated by a foreign credential evaluation services.

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Can I continue to study ACCA in the USA?

Yes, you can certainly continue your studies towards the ACCA qualification while you are residing in the USA.

We do not have any in-person study options, but you can utilize online Learning Providers such as Learn Signal or Avado. You can also request a list of testing locations within the USA by emailing

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Are there any schools that will accept my ACCA qualification towards a Master's in Accounting?

Pace University in NYC may be willing to work with your background towards their master’s program in accountancy. Please contact them at


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How can I sit an exam within the USA?

All examination scheduling is handled by our central office which can be reached at

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Are you able to help me obtain a work visa for the USA?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this request. Each application for a US H1B visa is ranked individually and we have no historical information on this subject.

While searching for jobs it may be helpful to use the keyword search term 'H1B Accounting'. This will help focus on employers who accept and/or will help obtain HB1 visas.

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I recently moved to the USA. How do I get access to local events and information?

We are happy to have you added to our local member database once you have made the transition to make sure you are included in future chapter events. Please get in touch with us at


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Can you help me receive my ACCA transcript?

ACCA USA does not handle transcript requests.

You may contact our customer services team on +44 (0)141 582 2000 or email them at


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Do you have a list of Foreign Credential Evaluation Services?

Members and students often use foreign credential evaluation services to determine equivalency for sitting the CPA. The result varies from person to person and the service as well, but often the ACCA qualification is not found to be 150 hours on its own. We cannot comment on specific cases but the ACCA USA office has developed a guide that can help members and students interested in moving to the USA. It talks about the evaluation services and which ones are most frequently used by members in the USA.

A member suggested sending along the course syllabi for each of the exams completed. This may give the evaluator additional information on what is covered throughout the ACCA exams. They can be found here in the student community.

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