About the programme

The Approved Employer Programme offers a clear framework for supporting ACCA students and members within your organisation.

About the programme

Organisations of any size can be accepted to become an ACCA Approved Employer. Approved Employer status marks out your company as one that provides the highest level of support and assistance for the ACCA members and students it employs. And it's also completely free. 

Choose the right stream

The Approved Employer programme has three different streams, designed to support ACCA students, members, and members working in public practice. The criteria for joining each of these streams can be found in the Approved Employer assessment matrix (PDF, 27 KB)

Learn more about the three streams below.

Approval scope

Approvals under the Trainee Development and Professional Development streams can apply to a range of locations. Your approval could cover a single office, or it could cover all of your organisation’s offices in a range of countries across the world.

All we need to know is that you use the same learning and development policies and processes for ACCA trainees and members in all of the locations you want your approval to cover.

More information is available in our approval types and scope section.