Ethics and professional skills module

Ethics and Professional Skills module

Access the Ethics and Professional Skills module and improve your chances of Strategic Professional exam success

Increasing your employability

The Ethics and Professional Skills module is an essential part of the ACCA Qualification and helps increase your employability and workplace effectiveness. The module uses realistic business simulations to develop a number of professional skills such as leadership, communication and commercial awareness.

View the EPSM syllabus for full details on what you'll learn and gain from the module.

How the EPSM supports your studies and career 

Completing the module is not only an essential step towards ACCA membership. It also acts as a crucial support tool for the Strategic Professional exams. It's vitally important that students complete the EPSM in advance of attempting any of the Strategic Professional exams. Students who do so significantly increase their chances of passing these exams. 

Watch our video series on how completing EPSM can support your career and exam success

Fee and duration

There is a one off cost for the module with no resit fees if you need to repeat the final assessment. The module takes approximately 20 hours to complete and to find out the current module fee please visit our pricing page

Module award

Once you have completed the module you will receive a certificate and be one step closer towards ACCA membership.

See the full list of FAQs about the Ethics and Professional Skills module.

"Completing EPSM before Strategic Professional exams increases pass rates by up to 25%"

Based on recent ACCA Strategic Professional pass rates